With an individualized and customized approach we aim to establish long-term partnerships with our clients

360-degree approach

We employ a 360-degree approach covering the full lifecycle
of product design, development, integration and management.

End to end product development

Be it a cutting-edge mobile app or a complex web application,
our specialists at Thespian know how to take advantage of the latest technologies to offer end-to-end, best possible software solutions.


Ideas & planning

When a client comes to us with an idea for a new project, or a problem they need to solve in their existing one, we
join forces and discuss all possibilities, issues, and risks.

With a lean strategy approach, product-market fit, and risk assessment, we help our client develop a rock-solid project plan and ensure we are moving in the right direction from the very start.

We prefer to do this in an on-site in-person kick-off workshop as, in our experience, this approach produces the best results and gives us a chance to get to know each other better and establish good communications from the get-go.

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Research & design

Once ideas & planning have been done and the project scope is clear, our team starts with the UX/UI design work following the Double Diamond design process. We put a lot of emphasis on user research, understanding user behavior and needs, and the client’s business case.

We believe this is a prerequisite for creating a market-ready, user-friendly, and intuitive design to achieve desired goals.

The result of this phase of work is a tested and validated design delivered as a clickable demo, enabling our clients to experience the look & feel of their product without us writing a single line of code.

Development & deployment

With the designs finalized, it is time to begin coding and bringing the application to life. This is done by implementing already tested and validated designs and agreed-on application logic to both the front and back end.

Our code development process is based on
agile methodology.

The delivery is broken down into phases, while the implementation is done in two-week sprints.

We invite our clients to actively participate in our development process as this enables them to always be in the loop and provide feedback at all times. We counsel each client on all implementation, deployment, and hosting options and manage the deployment of the MVP application and all subsequent releases.

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Maintenance & support

We use lean, sustainable, and scalable development principles to help our clients successfully strategize their business while maintaining existing and developing new features to hit deliverables.

In simple terms - our custom solutions are modular and easily extendable, which makes maintenance, support, and further development quicker and easier.

We offer full support throughout the product life cycle during every partnership stage. We believe that software should never be a limiting factor for your business. It needs to help your business grow, and it needs to evolve along with it.

Industries in focus

Trusted by some of the most successful startups and established businesses worldwide.

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